Lîla duo

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Lîla duo consists of composers Nadia Marak and Tania Zountsa. They met two years ago through a call from Nadia, who was looking for new musical collaborations. Since then, they often play together in duo form, but also in other line-ups.
The term Lîla comes from Sanskrit and roughly translated means 'divine play'. This (musical) play refers to a spontaneous activity where freedom prevails. In music, we usually refer to this as improvisation. For the duo, with their jazz background, (free) improvisation cannot be missed as a technique and method to create music in the here and now.
Upcoming concerts
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Past concerts

    Norma funding Dutch heritage
    Nadia and Tania were granted the Norma starting fund for their Dutch heritage project: playing concerts at fortresses of the New Dutch Waterline. For these concerts, they have put together a repertoire inspired by the fortresses.
    They play their own compositions, various genres of arranged music and improvisations. By using electronics and various wind instruments, they create a soundscape in which a musical journey is made from the past to the future.